Why should I build a personal library?

If any of the following apply to you, then a personal library is for you:

  • You save a bunch of bookmarks and later forget that you have them.
  • You try to organize your bookmarks, but everything ends up being dumped into a “random” folder.
  • You have too many tabs open but you can’t close them because you’re afraid you might need them later.
  • Your bookmarks have meaningless titles so you don’t remember what they are or why you saved them.
  • You have several bookmarks with similar titles and you can’t tell them apart.
  • You struggle to find that one recipe or that article that you read a long time ago.
  • You’ve wanted to share a link with a friend, but couldn’t remember what it was called or where you saved it.

Niphtio can help solve these problems by making it easy to not only save interesting pages, but also find them again later. That means less time spent digging for content and more time using it to achieve what you really want.

Start building your personal library now