How to add and use notes

Welcome to a smarter way of bookmarking with notes! Now you can quickly annotate your saved items, or add your unique insights and context to each gem you collect.

Adding a note

To start using notes:

  1. Open an item in your library
  2. Click on "Add note"
  3. Write your note and click “Save”.

Editing notes

To edit an existing note:

  1. Open an item in your library that has an existing note
  2. Click on the note to open the editing modal
  3. Make the changes to your note and click “Save”.

Searching for a note

To find an existing note, simply use the search bar. Optionally, you can use the search operator note:XX to just search through your notes. Learn more about search operators

Making the most of your notes

You can use notes to be more thoughtful about your bookmarking:

  • For articles that you want to read, you can capture what interests you about the article or what problem it might address.
  • For articles that you have already read, you can summarize the article's main points, or jot down ideas that sparked during your read.

Use notes to engage more deeply with your content, make connections, and turn bookmarking into a personal learning journey.