Save bookmarks and actually remember to read them.

Separate ‘read this ASAP’ from ‘saving just in case’.

Save bookmarks to your Reading List to remember to read them soon, or store them safely and out of sight in case you need them later.

As easy as scrolling through social media.

As simple and familiar as a news feed, but only with content hand-picked by you. Scroll through your list and knock items off with a single tap.

All your items are saved even after you’ve read them so you can always find them again later.

Search for keywords within the pages you’ve saved.

Build your own personal library. The search tool can find text within the web pages you save, not just in their titles.

Your search results are highlighted. Find items by searching keywords in the title, or anywhere in the content.

No more forgetting to read your bookmarks.

Knock items off your list at your own steady pace. Goals help you take control of those long-forgotten browser bookmarks that you just never get around to.

No more unread anxiety.

You control when you want to read, not us. Leave notifications turned off, or finish your reading list faster by setting daily goal reminders.

Desktop and mobile in harmony

Sync across devices

All your bookmarks in one place. Available for Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more!

Import from your favorite platforms

Got hundreds of bookmarks saved elsewhere? No problem. Import directly from Inoreader, Reddit, Pocket, browser bookmarks, and more.

Filing cabinet full of your bookmarks

Guilt-free hoarding

All your read and unread items are stored automatically. Use tags to organize them, or use our search to find specific items.

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