Your personal library, searchable and organized

The easiest way to save, find, and read what matters to you.

Build your personal library

Safely store articles, videos, and more in your library.

Save any web page with just one click

With our browser extension, simply click the Niphtio icon to save any web page that you want to keep for later, whether it’s an article, recipe, video, or something else. Available for Chrome and Firefox.

Save multiple tabs at once

Tired of having countless tabs cluttering up your browser? Organize them using the multi-tab saver feature available in the Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Access your library from any device

Enjoy a seamless experience at home or on the go. You can access Niphtio from any web browser on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Powerful search

Quickly find that thing you read about that one time...

Search item content, not just the titles

Can’t remember the title of an article you read? No problem. Our search engine looks for keywords inside the content of your saved items, too, not just their titles.

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Advanced search operators

Find exactly what you need with precision. No more digging through folders.

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Prioritize important items

Keep track of high-priority reads

Add important reads to your to do list and check them off when you’re done. Always know what you’ve already read and what to read next.

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Improved reading experience

Distraction-free reading

Enjoy a clean reading experience, free of distractions.

Dark mode

Read comfortably on both desktop and mobile web.

Built with privacy in mind

Enjoy peace of mind with our commitment to privacy. We don't use tracking cookies, sell any of your personal information, or share it with anyone else.

Multiple ways to save

Designed to fit into your workflow.

Browser extensions

Get the best experience with our Chrome and Firefox extensions. Save and organize directly from your browser.


If you can’t or prefer not to install our browser extension, our bookmarklet is an excellent alternative that gives you all the same basic functionality.

Set up the bookmarklet

PWA (Android only)

For Android devices, install the PWA for a more streamlined experience.

Use Niphtio on Android

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