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Searching your library

Search for content in your personal library

Need help to quickly find that thing you read about that one time? Niphtio's search is equipped to help you do just that - to find the content you need quickly and precisely.

Niphtio's search bar

To search through your personal library log into the Niphtio web application and follow these steps.

  1. Click on the search bar at the top of the application or press the "/" button on your keyboard
  2. The search bar will now come into focus. Enter a query into the search bar.
  3. Your library will be searched and matching content and tags will be displayed Roast beef search

Advanced search operators

For more precise searches you can use the advanced search operators listed below as part of your search query.

DescriptionOperatorWhat it does
Exact matches“XX”Find results that contain an exact match to the term
OR queriesXX | YYFind results that match either of the two terms rather than the default that matches both terms
Negative matching-XXFind results that do not have the term
Title searchtitle:XXFind results only based on searching through titles
Content searchcontents:XXFind results only based on searching through contents
Description searchdescription:XXFind results only based on searching through descriptions
To do(s)is:todoFind all To Do items, regardles of whether they are complete
Completed To Do(s)is:completeFind all completed To Do items
Incomplete To Do(s)is:incompleteFind all incomplete To Do items
URL searchurl:XXFind results by searching through URLs
Site results where the URL contains the exact match
Grouping operators(XX)Use parentheses to group operators and control the order in which they execute. e.g. (cake | pie) recipe